Cloak & Petal is a modern japanese restaurant in Little Italy, San Diego. Here are some of the projects I participated improving with their brand visually.
The restaurant was going through a light rebranding, they wanted to lighten their visual identity by incorporating more culturally-relevant floral graphics combined with pastel colors. The rebranding process was 'light' because they still wanted to mainting their modern urban theme represented in their menus in the form of grafitti, and concrete texture that set them apart from other restaurants. 
Cloak & Petal rebranding came at the same as they began to host events which would also help them to stand out in a very competitive local scene. They hosted jazz night events every week where they brought in local jazz artists and released new campaigns to match. In addition, they had game day events which were particularly successful due to their proximity to the local professional baseball team stadium and popularity of sports within American culture.  Lastly, we created an elevated service known as Cloak's Table that provides a VIP table, an exclusive six course menu and a unique experience. 
As part of the design team, I created graphics for Cloak's Table, Jazz & Petals, 
Sushi & Sake Nights, some short videos templates made for Instagram Stories and newsletter.

Game Day
One of the exclusive menus dedicated to baseball game days.
Jazz & Petals
Jazz & Petals is a weekly event at Cloak & Petal, with live music of local musicians and singers.
Cloak's Table
Cloak's Table is a service the restaurant provides giving the clients access to the biggest table (King and Queen table) with 18 seats. The party then has an exclusive menu of 6 courses.
Gift Cards
Social Media
Templates (IG Story)
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