Duck Dive is a popular bar and restaurant located in vibrant Pacific Beach, California. With a focus on an audience of college students and local young people, the brand needed to pop in colors to stand out from the crowd of Garnet Avenue. 

The events and monthly specials are advertised in some good local magazines such as Pacific Magazine. They have a well established brand and the marketing team along with the public relations department made sure that their vibrant and contagious energy was palpable in each campaign. 

These are my contributions with the graphic design department.
Advertising, Social Media and Menu.
My Role: Illustration | Graphic Design | Editorial Design
Pacific Magazine, May 2018.
Advertising & IG Story
Advertising & Social Media
Illustration for menu

Doodles for the drink menu.

Poster & Social Media
Social Media
Cocktail Specials and Trivias.
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