Joy Wellness Partners is a Regenerative Medical Center based in San Diego, California.
In 2019, they made the decision to expand their services to include an IV Lounge which currently offers an assortment of vitamin shots in addition to other IV cocktails to their
client base.
My contributions to this expansive project include: brochure design,
iconography and menu design.
Develop a brochure and a menu, introducing the new IV lounge, connecting its services to Joy Wellness' visual identity. Design a series of icons to explain each procedure and IVs. Make the brochure diverse in its audience, respecting the main target.
A square brochure that could be distributed to the Joy Wellness' patients, categorizing IV Cocktails, explaining vitamins and all the benefits of procedures. Icons designed in a simple way to be fully understood, used in the brochure, menus and website. A color pallete that reassure Joy Wellness' identity, but a good use of patterns and typography bringind the IV Lounge to have its own identity.
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