Valor & Energia is a brand new company based in Brazil, founded by two young men that decided that solar energy was an untapped resource in a country like Brazil.
Rojan and Juliano would undertake their studies together, and upon graduating in 2018 they made the decision to channel their knowledge into a start up company, "Valor Energia". 
The climate in Brazil is infamous for its heat and sunshine, yet solar energy was uncommon amongst residential and commercial buildings. The prices paid for electricity were remarkably high and would only skyrocket further in the height of the summer with growing demands for such necessities as air conditioning. In order to spread the word of a more economical and clean energy, they were selected only months after their creation by MGTI to "accelerate" their startup, and for this they needed to create a visual identity.
In the early stages of creating their visual identity they informed me that they needed to incorportate the word "Valor" (Value) as a homage to a family member. The idea of having a fluid cycle of colors came up after we discussed the process of creating solar energy. It became clear after researching their competitors that either the color orange or yellow would be used as a main color, but here we needed to help them stand out by using the color green and to send the message of green energy.

Since it's a company with young minds, we used a Sans Serif font, Montserrat Alternates, with more circular shapes, and the use of the "E" visually attached to an ampersand, connecting two colors and two concepts: Value and Energy. 
After the logo, we worked on some stationery, social media templates and a banner
for their office.
Photo Courtesy by Isabella França
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