Valor Energia is a new company based in Brazil, founded by two young men that decided that solar energy was an untapped resource in a country like Brazil.
Rojan and Juliano would undertake their studies together, and upon graduating in 2018 they made the decision to channel their knowledge into a start up company, "Valor Energia".

Develop a logo and visual identity for a solar energy company located in a small town in Brazil. Considering the company was founded by two young men who realized how untapped resource solar energy is in Brazil, we should make a good use of vibrant colors, hint of technology, visually and a easy to remember logo. Besides that, we should avoid warm colors and translate the "green energy" into a visual aspect, making it different from its competitors.
A logo that brings the fluid cycle of energy and sustainability, easy to apply and to remember. Use of the symbol for electromotive force, as an ampersand in the logo. Choice of a typography that breaks with tradition in corporate companies. 
Photo Courtesy by Isabella França
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