Zuno Teas is a fictional brand, created for the Briefbox projects. This was my approach to the designs covering the project scope.
ZUNO Fruit Teas offer a variety of unique, fair trade fruit tea blends from across the globe. Unlike many of ZUNO's contemporaries, ZUNO are purposely trying to attract a younger audience. Fruit tea is typically considered a slightly more mature choice of drink for middle aged and older adults, but ZUNO are trying to break this perception and get younger people enjoying the healthy benefits of  fruit tea!

We want you to create a fun, playful, and most importantly youthful brand identity for ZUNO. The client is keen to explore some playful pattern work or illustration to use across their product packaging. They do not want to use any photography on the packaging itself.

Explore some illustration styles and experiment with some different patterns. Once you are happy with a route, you can begin experimenting with different type lockups and brand marks. ZUNO's brand tagline is 'Drink Tea Everyday'. This must be incorporated in some way.

Once you have nailed your brand theme, begin applying this to some package designs. We want you to finalised two flavours initially, complete with product mockups. The client has also asked for some branded merchandise to complete the project.   
The designs were created after some research on the trending packages styles, aiming the youth group as the main final customers. A vibrant color palette, a strong typeface and elements with minimalist shapes defining the flavours were the main focus here.
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