This project was created for a job selection process, to take a role as a designer in a London agency.​​​​​​​
Cadbury wants to run an interesting campaign for Cadbury’s Easter and they have contacted us to develop a creative concept from scratch. Although they have not sent any assets, we shouldn't use any relevant material on their websites. Their YouTube channel and from the web. The ad should visually showcase key ideas and clear brand messages in an impactful way. The client wants the users seeing the ad to remember it and interact with it.
Step 1: Brainstorm and come up with creative ideas for the mockup. Please explain the ideas to us. Sketches notes or any suitable medium are accepted. 
Step 2: Choose a main idea to execute the final ad.
My main ideas for this project were focused on interactivity and personalisation. At the end I narrowed it down to an interactive ad that simulates a matchmaker: a better version of a dating app, where you find your perfect Cadbury Easter Egg Match.
Unlike most Easter Ads we are used to seeing, this Ad can target an older audience, featuring traditional easter eggs, the finest organic chocolates, the mix of Fruit & Nut, or the famous Oreo. Quizzes are a great tool to customise users' experiences and help them find products they will enjoy.
The Ad shows up to 3 features (USPs) to match the user with one Cadbury Egg, this way you personalise the experience and tie the CTA to this specific product. Ideally, we would need to aim for several Eggs to feature:
• Cadbury Oreo: Crunchy, Milk Chocolate Lovers, Biscuit Lovers
• Cadbury Caramel: Milk Chocolate Lovers, Creamy, Caramel lovers
• Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut: Soft, Dry Fruits, Nut lovers
• Cadbury Greens & Blacks: Organic, Finest Cocoa, Deep Flavour
• Cadbury White Oreo: Crunchy, Biscuit Lovers, White Chocolate
• Cadbury Box Cream Egg, Cream Egg Caramel and Cream Egg Oreo: Creamy, Famous, Traditional
After understanding the brand and all the options of chocolate eggs, I created a mindmap, to understand how the features could aim to the final eggs.
Here are some screens I designed during the process. After some reviews, the CTA and background changed so the game had more motion and the perception of "finding your perfect match of easter egg" was clearer.
The final screens and journey would look like this. From left to right: the opening screen, the journey on the quiz and the result, showing the image of the egg and the CTA. Sharing the results with friends on social media could also have great potential here.

Final Video.

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