This project was developed while working with Dell Technologies in an ABM (Account-Based Marketing) strategy. 

Dell Technologies offers much more than just computers and devices. They offer a whole set of software solutions to support future-ready businesses of all sizes.
On this project, our ABM team realised there is a challenge for medium-sized businesses to optimise the use of their energy. Their leaders are operating in a tough environment. The energy crisis is impacting their costs and profit margins (with a 349% rise in electricity costs and a 424% rise in gas between 2021 and 2022). At the same time, businesses are trying to meet sustainability and ESG targets and transform their business to be more efficient and sustainable.
This means that reducing energy demand and being smarter about energy consumption are urgent strategic priorities for these businesses. It’s not just about being ‘greener’, it’s about an urgent need to reduce their costs, find ways to make their whole business more efficient, and not lose out to competitors through negative brand perception or failure to meet regulatory targets for sustainability.
Our team then decided to develop a white paper based on the main audience, medium-sized businesses in the UK and their IT leaders, to explore the scenario and present solutions that Dell Technologies offers to cut costs and optimise the use of energy.

I worked with Chris Maxwell, a content strategist who supported the consultants and their research for the white paper. Dell Technologies had released its latest brand guidelines and a brand new colour palette. This way, we could explore the green family, and create a set of icons that support the stats and quotes, creating a dynamic flow of reading. On the photography side, the idea was to show authoritative and inspirational images of professionals working in the office and from home, while using cloud solutions but also server solutions. The photos had a tint of green on the server lights, so the concept could explore deeper meanings of energy being saved or optimised.

Creative concept, white paper, infographic and social banners.
Concept: Sofia Coeli and Chris Maxwell
Design: Sofia Coeli and Martin Sherrell
Creative Direction: Ligia Murphy
Copy: Chris Maxwell​​​​​​​

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