This project was developed as an ABM programme for Dell Technologies and its solutions. With a focus on growth and innovation, our team was approached to develop a creative concept depicting the power of data and how important storage is for any organisation that aims to be future-ready. 
Very often storage is seen solely as a solution to an IT challenge. But it is the platform from where businesses can grow and innovate faster. 

The visual concept should be aspirational and show how unlimited business collaboration can be.
The final assets are mainly interactive pieces, where each targeted account can envision its industry, clients and final customers. Our team also aims to deliver something extra, tying it to a simple user journey.  
Our main strategy was to approach how valuable data is nowadays. "The future is made of data" is a concept where, the main character will always be the industry expert, but their surroundings are vastly made of data. 
Using a photo treatment called "pixel sorting", I've developed an action where a cascade of pixels seems to be revealed. Inspired by futuristic movies and games, this treatment shows how that scene is virtual, even though here we aim to show how essential data is in every step, for growth and innovation.​​​​​​​
By being backed up by future-ready storage, businesses and specialists can focus on what they know how to do best to grow organically.
Creative concept, Interactive report, Social media banners, Landing page in low fidelity mockup.
Concept: Sofia Coeli and Chris Maxwell
Design: Sofia Coeli and Martin Sherrell
Creative Direction: Ligia Murphy
Copy: Chris Maxwell

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