Maré Mundo is the first music album of Rojan Gabriel, a singer-songwriter based in Brazil. He started writing songs when he was 12 years old, and after concluding his music school in Minas Gerais, at Bituca (a Brazilian popular music school) he started to record his first album. His background and his songs are very intimate and personal, speaking of family, childhood and love, bringing the landscapes of Minas Gerais and the bucolic lifestyle most families live there.
For each song, I designed a cover, mixing different media but mainly, trying to be very personal with the photos and illustrations. He also requested some Youtube Visualisers and Spotify Backgrounds, so I could explore more of landscapes and basic motion design, translating the pace of the song. The results are designs and videos that can be interpreted as homemade, or family-made, but still bring well-produced music.
My role: Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Design and Video Edits.

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