WUKA Period Underwear is a brand that focus on promotion with a purpose. So, after finding out through a research with Women in Sport, that periods affect 80% of a woman’s exercise schedule. And various things contribute to this such as worrying about leakages, cramps, and also generally not feeling up to it.

For that reason, WUKA as a period care brand, launched their Period Leggings in 2022. As their designer, I joined the marketing team to create a concept that could elevate the product without leaving all the funcionality behind.

"Power to your period" was the concept. In order to keep encouraging women and people who bleed that sports and leisure time should not always stop because of the fear of leaking or stigma around period blood. 
My role on this project was extense: Photoshoot planning and direction, graphic design, Illustrations and letterings, Ads, email design, ecommerce photo selection, retouch and optmization.

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