WUKA Period Pants was one of the pioneers of sustainable period underwear in the UK. Their main goal as a brand is to make sure that accessible sustainable period products can greatly impact the environment, changing habits and bringing the community together. So in their third year on the market, they brought researchers and some data.
After the research and some findings, the idea was to develop a report that could not only exemplify how much disposable products help to pollute the planet but also make it easier for anyone to understand the data they found. Using a convertible tool, they "translated" CO2 emissions saved into casual acts we do in our routine: charge our phones, heat our houses during the winter or switch lamps. 

So the main brief was to design assets that could be engaging, and easy to digest. At the end of the landing page, the full research and report were attached for whoever wanted to dig deeper. 
All the assets were sent to different media portals, news, social media and also on a landing page on their website.
So, the idea was to use their first and most remarkable photos, with the models in nature, together. From that, we decided to simplify the stats in carousels, exemplifying: 

• How much emissions have our customers saved since the brand was launched; 
• How much emissions would be saved if all the UK converted into WUKA users;

And other simple stats comparing WUKA to tampons and pads. 

Digital report, Landing page version, Social media assets, Video.

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