The telecommunications industry has entered an extraordinary new era of innovation – one which will revolutionise the way people connect, work and live. By delivering new 5G and 6G networks and services, telco organisations will create new opportunities for businesses and consumers – and themselves.
To achieve this, telco companies must overcome key digital infrastructure challenges and expand their ability to innovate with customers and partners in a relationship of openness and trust.
Working at the leading edge of IT innovation for the telco industry, Dell Technologies has developed both the foundational infrastructure and the open ecosystem for accelerating progress.
We can provide the single strategic partnership for telco organisations to seize on the fast-emerging opportunities of this exciting new era.
The goal was to develop a creative concept that envisions how far the partnership between Dell and telecommunications companies could go. All the possibilities and the scenarios should be portrayed somehow. 
The concept developed "One partnership: infinite possibilities", seems simple enough in words, but the way we explored it visually is a more broad approach. 
To show all the possibilities, we selected photos of end users making great use of any telecom service, in extremely different scenarios: working remotely, cooking, making important decisions, on the move and at home. With a photo treatment that portrays a cut out of the same photo in a sequence, the idea of infinity is brought to each page, at the very center of the main character.
Creative concept, Interactive asset in PDF, Infographic.

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