WUKA is the UK's No.1 period brands brand and, as a pioneer of styles and functionality, they developed and launched a new product: WUKA Flex, the world's first multi-size period pants. Two sizes (XS-L and XL-3XL) decrease the sizing issues for people who bleed and reinvent-changing with a detachable strap. 

To launch this innovative product, the brand needed a campaign that would show different personas but with something that could bring them together. The main features of the product are the detachable strap and the size regulator and they should be shown as easy to be used by anyone. The new collection was also all in black colour and in a way that would be our "white canvas" for a campaign that could play with shape and forms.
With the lead of the art director, we developed a campaign featuring dance moves and the common point among all personas. For all ages, the trending dance moves would show how easy it is to use WUKA Flex. We also explored a warm colour palette that could break the seriousness of the all-black pants and bring fun, light and young energy to every asset. 
Concept, photoshoot planning, e-commerce photo planning and retouching, digital ads, video edits, social media graphic design, collection webpage.

Art direction: Lina Rincon
Photography: Annemarie Sterian 
Videos: Arleen 
Copy: Gabrielle Westhead
Packaging: Dave Slocombe and Lina Rincon

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