WUKA Re-purpose came to life from a happy accident that happened back in 2020. When the pandemic became a health and economic worry all over the world, WUKA's manufacturing partners shared that they had tons of fabric going to waste, due to the postponing and the brand's shutdowns. That's when WUKA decided to purchase every recycled nylon that was supposed to end up in landfills and repurpose it. And when they decided to launch that, they needed a great campaign.
The product team was very excited to launch this collection and the details shared when we received it made it even more special: the definition of the word repurpose was printed on the underwear, making it the first WUKA to have prints on it.
The fabric, recycled nylon, was also a great feature and point of sale since it has a nice touch and feel besides being sustainable. For this collection, a French cut was a new style, with a high waist and a thong, making it a versatile list, going from sizes 2XS to 6XL. 
The solution for this campaign was to explore the neutral colours, and smooth touch of the fabric and bring more skin tones in close-ups on the photography. The POS and features were expressed in icons, showing a minimalist but classic collection. 

The definition of the word Repurpose became a statement to be worn, showing that sustainability could be embraced by everyone who bleeds. 
The photoshoot was planned thinking of girls in every size available. 

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